First Impressions: Rings of Fate and Days of Ruin

It seems that my renewed appetite for adventure games was short-lived. I was currently playing Dracula: Origin but found the game too slow and dragging. Unlike before, I couldn't stand running around and searching for clues anymore. So I just stopped playing the game and, instead, decided to get some Nintendo DS games: Days of Ruin and Rings of Fate.

Rings of Fate

Rings of Fate is part of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The reason I got this game is because I like Final Fantasy (but I don't admit it too often). As far as the FF series goes, I thought they all have turn-based combat. But, unfortunately, Rings of Fate is real-time. Nonetheless, the story and characters seems interesting enough for me to finish this game.

Days of Ruin
Days of Ruin is the latest installment of the Advance Wars -a turn-based strategy game- series. I haven't played any Advance Wars games before but Days of Ruin is so addicting! I instantly got infected with the "just one more turn" bug the first minute I started playing it. I even had a hard time putting my DS down just to blog about it (my battery died on me, hence this entry).

Hopefully, these two games will keep me occupied until the holiday games rush (which starts around mid-September). Also, I'll probably write a review on one of these games (probably Days of Ruin) since I haven't written a game review for the NDS.