Party in the Storm

I've been waiting for Mysteries of the Westgate, an adventure pack (or premium module) for Neverwinter Nights 2. But the release date have been pushed back until July, Atari announced last Thursday (June 5 2008). On the brighter side of a similar interest, they [Atari] also announced Storm of Zehir, a 2nd expansion for Neverwinter Nights 2, which will be released in Q4 2008.

I was kind of expecting this news, the announcement of a new expansion pack, considering that the first Neverwinter Nights has 2 expansions. Only tidbits have been revealed about it though like a new storyline, which will be a post-King of Shadows event, and using a new party. That's right party, not just a character. You'll be building a party much like you did in the Icewind Dale series. No new races, classes, prestige classes, or level cap has been announced. Not yet, at least.