Spider-Man: The Musical?

I was doing my usual morning routine of news hunting when I stumbled a news headline that says: "Evan Rachel Wood tapped for broadway musical 'Spider-Man'". A super-hero musical? I just find it too far-fetch. A movie or a TV show is one thing but can you imagine Spider Man swinging around and singing in that tights? That's just lame. So, I dug around for more info about the musical and here's what I found:

One of the strangest projects brewing right now is the dream of David Maisel over at Marvel Studios to bring Spider-Man to the Broadway stage.

Not only that, he's brought in Julie Taymor, the Tony-winning director of "The Lion King" on stage and (this is not a joke) Bono and the Edge of U2 for the music. I just got an e-mail about a casting call in New York so, if you think you have the chops to climb walls on the Great White Way, maybe you should take a whirl. - L.A. Times
It's really happening, and Bono and The Edge are even on the project. I don't know much about broadway but if members of U2 are on it then it must be big. It's funny, 60 something years ago, people considered super heroes as a catalyst for delinquency and that Superman was a Nazi. Now, they're on broadway. So what's next? Caped Crusader: The Musical?