G.E.C.K. Out!

Bethesda finally released released the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (or G.E.C.K.) which is a toolset for Fallout 3. In addition to that, they also have the G.E.C.K. wiki and a video tutorial at their blog to help some of you hopeful game developers out there.

It is this -developers releasing toolsets and editors- that I love being a PC gamer. I love it because it makes it easer for creative gamers out there to make their own custom stuff and release it to the public, increasing the replay value of games. Of course, I dabble with it too. While I did some modules for Neverwinter Nights, I never tried any toolsets (The Elder Scrolls in particular) by Bethesda because of the lack of a good dialogue system. Fallout 3 changes that of course. So I'll probably try my hand at it, after the holidays, and see what I can create.

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mikko said...

G.E.C.K. rakenrol!

im still itching to get my hands on this game. still thinking if i should upgrade my PC to accomodate the needed juice to run the game or buy an XBOX 360. decisions, decisions. :D