Secret Santa, Music Spree

A couple weeks ago, we drew names for our Secret Santa at work. But before we did that, I asked my boss if we could tweak the rules a little bit. I proposed that, instead of putting only our names in the hat, we should also include the 10 things -under $15 but not less than $10- that we want for Christmas. She agreed, and everybody else who participated. I mean, kids write lists of the things they want from Santa. So it occurred to me why not do the same with our Secret Santa.

But the main reason behind my idea was to make it all easier and better for me. I mostly work with women and I don't know what they want. This ruse was to ask them what they want, indirectly, making it easier for me to pick a gift. It turned out my lady wants nice smelling stuff (soap, perfumes, etc.). So I got her a $14 body wash set from Sephora, which she specified on her list, making her happy. As for me, it worked out well too. I made a wish list, a list of music, at Amazon and e-mailed it to all of who participated in our Secret Santa. But it gets even better. The girls at work, wanted to show their appreciation, raised some money and used the same wish list I sent them to buy me gifts (they got me 3 CDs).

Now, THAT was nice. It was very unexpected, and made me feel like a kid. It was 1990 all over again, the time when I got five G.I. Joe for Christmas, or 1986, when I woke up and found Lion-O and Mumm-Ra under the tree. I never stopped thanking them for what they did because it really made my Christmas. I wish I could return the favor but I'm dead broke right now. So I guess greeting cards will do.

Holiday Music
As for the CDs that I got, well, I've been listening to all four of them, all night. But, as of now, I can only give a short review and not a detailed one. I've also included some songs that I can find on imeem so you guys can preview them too.

Lazarus Bird by Burst
Lazarus Bird is probably the best metal album I've heard this year. For the most part, they sound similar to progressive metal bands like Mastodon and High On Fire. But, unlike the bands I just mentioned, they add a little clean and calm touch, but still heavy, to their songs.

The Chemistry of Common Life by Fucked Up
This band is something else, and I love them. Their vocalist screams like a vocalist of a hardcore group, shitless angry. But, underneath all the shouting, their music is actually artsy just like any art rock band. So that makes them an artsy hardcore band. Now that's fucked up.

Third Transmission by Experimental Aircraft
I caught myself nodding my head and tapping my right foot when I listened to the first track of this album. Yes, it's that cool. It's a very lazy album, filled with droning sounds and ethereal vocals. It's perfect when you need time to stare blankly at the wall.

For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver
This is probably the most saddest and the most relaxing record I've heard this year. Listening to it made me feel like I just broke up with somebody and now I'm tending a broken heart. I especially loved the vocals here. It's just so heartfelt and melancholic.
So far, I've enjoyed all of these albums. I didn't regret putting any of them on the wish list. Well, not yet, at least. Hopefully, I'd be able to write a much more detailed review of these albums. But I doubt it.

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Christian said...

Wow. Lucky you! Your co-workers are so nice!

Oh, here in our country, we don't call it Secret Santa. Here, it's called Exchange Gift. Well, I guess, it's pretty obvious why we call it that way. Haha.