Dark Reign Begins

Secret Invasion is finally done with and its aftermath left a huge shift of power in the Marvel Universe. That shift of power is called Dark Reign. Where Norman Osborn -who emerged as a war hero after the invasion- replaces Iron Man -who was left incapacitated by a Skrull virus during the invasion- as the head of the superhero community.

This Invasion has ended, and with it comes another shocking revelation on the final pages. A portent of things to come. A new age is dawning, my friends, and I fear for our heroes more now than ever before. Norman Osborn and his Cabal are here to usher in a New World Order. DARK REIGN has begun!

What exactly this means to our heroes and villains of the Marvel U will be played out in the coming months, but I can tell you, I haven't been this excited for a storyline since the first mention of Secret Invasion. Believe me when I say that the ride you are in for makes everything that came before seem like a walk in the park!

Think about it for a moment. The Hood. Namor. Emma Frost. Dr. Doom. Loki. Norman Osborn. These are your new rulers. They have been given the keys to the kingdom. With all that power, what chance do our heroes stand? What surprises and evil plots do these villains have in store? If they are really united, who can oppose them?

The new order of Dark Reign will call for new heroes, a new way of fighting the enemy from within, new alliances to be forged and old wounds healed if anyone is to stand a chance. -
Joe Quesada, Marvel News
Clearly, this Dark Reign is the makings of an early dystopia, with all the mad power hungry villains running the world. The Dark Illuminati, The Dark Avengers and H.A.M.E.R. (a new defense branch that will replace the S.H.I.E.L.D.). I can't wait to see them all. Of course, I'm also curious of what will happen the the New & Mighty Avengers, The Secret Warriors and how my boy Deadpool will fit into this new reign of terror.

As for the list of all Dark Reign books, you can find them all in this mega preview. The list looks very long. That's good for the comics industry but bad for my wallet.

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