First Impressions: King's Bounty

I was on my way to the theaters, to watch a couple of flicks, when my migraine acted up earlier this afternoon. So, instead of gritting my teeth and went through with the movies, I turned around and drove back home before my headache gets any worse. But not before I made a pit stop at the nearest Target to redeem the $20 gift card I got last Christmas. Migraine or not, I wasn't about to go home empty handed.

The "I move first, then you" combat.

I was planning to use the gift card to get the shooter game, Left 4 Dead. Unfortunately -or rather fortunately- I was $8 short (excluding the sales tax) and can't afford the game. So I opted for the next best game -which is probably the better game, anyways- that I can find: King's Bounty. The game is a role-playing/turn-based strategy that plays similarly to Heroes of Might and Magic. Except that you don't have bases to defend or capture in this game, and all the focus is given to your hero/avatar, which can be advanced and developed as he gains experience.

So far, I can't say if this game is much better than HoMM. But it's definitely fun, and I'm definitely going to lose some sleep over this game.

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lucas said...

my head usually aches when watching movies that are ridiculously boring and staggering to force myself to watch the movie till the end...sayang ang pera eh! hehe

happy new year mate :)