My Netflix Queue

It snowed today. Not much but snow's always a good excuse to not do anything or go anywhere. Since I just subscribe with Netflix, and received all 3 Blu-ray Discs yesterday, I mostly spent the day on the couch watching some movies that I missed. From 1 pm to up around 5, I watched There Will Be Blood, The Golden Compass and Lord of War.

I enjoyed the movies. Especially There Will Be Blood. Now I see why Daniel Day Lewis won the Oscar's this year. But it wasn't just Mr. Lewis who did great. Paul Bano was also sublime in this film. He's a promising young actor. Lord of War was a fun film too. I liked Nicholas' Cage character, Yuri Orlov, who's a very cunning gun runner. As for The Golden Compass, I know it didn't do well because of its anti-religious themes, but I liked it. Not as much as I enjoyed the book though. Things just happen too abruptly in the film.

Well, that's my first three Netflix film. But I still have thousands more. So I'd better return the discs tomorrow so I can get another three. Next time, it'll be Star Wars: Clone Wars, Letter From Iwo Jima and Mongol.

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