Comics Bundle: 12.03.08 - Crushed Skrulls

I never had a chance to write crappy comic reviews last month. That's because my work schedule was f***ed up and wasn't able to pick up my comics until after Thanksgiving. But I requested not to work every Thursday, from this month onwards. So now I can pick up my comics every week and torture you guys with my abysmal comic reviews. Although, this week, I got tortured by a lot of unfunny books.

Secret Invasion #8
5.8 of 10
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Leinil Yu, Mark Morales, Laura Martin

Secret Invasion
was my first comic event ever since I got back into the funny books. Admittedly, I liked the whole idea of a superhero community tearing itself apart because of a conspiracy concocted by undetectable shape-shifters. So, for months, I followed and enjoyed this title. However, the book did start to decline during its last issues, including its tie-in, and the final issue was also pushed back a month later. So, I was hoping that Marvel will blow me away with its conclusion. Sadly, it [the final issue] fell flat, and it hurts. It was a very disappointing, unsatisfying and a bit confusing conclusion. I guess secrets are no good when they're out.

New Avengers #47
7.5 of 10
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Billy Tan, Matt Banning, Justin Ponsor

Most Secret Invasion tie-ins have declined -as I've mentioned in my review above- and the New Avengers is no exception. So, after I read Secret Invasion #8, I thought this issue would slap me in the face too. I was wrong. It was actually refreshing. But only because it has little connection to the invasion event. It's a flashback to when Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' marriage wasn't destroyed by the whole "Who Do You Trust?" paranoia yet. Here we see more of a domestic battleground called fatherhood, as we see Luke Cage being spooked by diapers. Then, we witness of how the heroes met and the start of their romance. While the issue isn't much, it's a signal that everything will be back to normal.

Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #2
8.0 of 10
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artists: Stephen Segovia, John Rauch

Honestly, I don't mind the X-Men moving to California. But the whole Manifest Destiny event is just weak. Wolverine's move to San Francisco, however, turned out to be more interesting. In the last issue, we saw Logan getting ready to be beaten into a pulp by the triad. Being Wolverine, I thought it would be a walk in the park for him to beat the living daylights out of some F list villains. Well, not if they can punch through your soul. There's just no healing factor in the world that can heal this kind of attack. So with a gang of superior martial artists looking for him, Logan agreed to be trained by this old kung-fu master (I know, it's a cliche). With this issue, I believe now that this mini-series will be packed with action, kung-fu/mutant style.

X-Men: Noir #1
8.3 of 10
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Dennis Calero

When Marvel revealed their Noir line, I was intrigued. Noir isn't exactly my thing but I'm always on the look out for some good and unique setting. In the Noir Universe, the X Men are not mutants but sociopaths who are trained by a psychiatrist, Xavier, who believes they are the evolution in human behavior. No powers and codenames, just a bunch of trained crazy people. The characters, even without their powers, also retained their personalities. Magneto's a racist, a righteous and brutal cop who beats and tortures his suspects. Gambit owns a casino. Quicksilver is a coward who runs away from everything. All in all, I'm pleased with the first issue since it promises a good story. The artwork is masterfully done too.

X-Infernus #1
5.0 of 10
Writer: C.B. Cebulski
Artists: Giuseppi Camuncoli

I've never read the Inferno books since they came out before the time I initially started reading comics. I don't know much about Illyana Rasputing either. Other than she's Colussus younger sister who was turned into a demon. Suprsingly, however, I didn't had a hard time understanding X-Infernus, a sequel to Inferno and which story revolves around Illyana. But that's because the story is too simple and accesible. If you've read or watch a lot of fantasy you'll probably get an idea of how this story will move. So, I guess I'll just scratch this title from my pull list and get something else.

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