Top 8 Music of 2008

I always have trouble ranking music. That's why, even though I really love music, I detest making ranked list such as this. There's always so many great albums to choose from, and I don't want to leave any behind. But, alas, I'm a slave to my top [insert number here] music of [insert year here] format. So this year I can only list 8 albums and here they are:

1. Dear Science 9.5
Artist: TV On The Radio
Making this list was hard. But ranking Dear Science was a no brainer at all. I fell in love with this album from the moment I heard it. This album is the grooviest and most accessible art rock ever recorded.

2. obZen 9.5
Artist: Meshuggah
This is heaviest album I've heard in 2008. An all out metal attack dense with guitar riff barrages and thundering drum works. The song structures in here are so tight there's no respite from headbanging.

3. Chemistry of Common Life 9.3
Artist: Fucked Up
I was stunned the first time I heard this album. The singer has all the grit of a hardcore vocalist. But his vocals is imposed with female vocals and droning guitars. The resulting contrast is just so good to listen to.

4. The Bedlam in Goliath 9.2 [Review]
Artist: The Mars Volta
I'm a big fan of The Mars Volta. However, their last album made me think they've gone mad. Fortunately, they bounced back with The Bedlam in Goliath. Which is their most streamlined album to date.

5. The Hawk Is Howling 9.2
Artist: Mogwai
I love all works made by Mogwai. But this album is probably their best, and currently my favorite. There are a variety of soundscapes in here, ranging from harsh to delicate, but all are beautiful and awe-inspiring.

6. Traced In Air 9.0
Artist: Cynic
This album is the biggest surprise for me this year. I never would've thought that Cynic, a great band that went defunct in the mid 90's, will one day return with this highly technical progressive metal album.

7. Third Transmission 8.8
Artist: Experimental Aircraft
I love listening to this album. The sound of lazy, dreamy vocals and layers of sonic guitar noise makes this really cool and serene music. It's perfect if you just want to chill out or just stare blankly at the wall.

8. Flight of the Conchords 8.8 [Review]
Artist: Flight of the Conchords
It's hard to make serious music that is funny. But Flight of the Conchords managed that. Their self-titled album covers a variety of music, from rap to electronica, and all of the songs here are filled with humor.

I'm finally done with this list, and it's been hell to make it. But I'm grateful though because I found out I can still track new and cool music. Which means I'm not that old yet. So what about you guys. What are the albums that became your soundtrack for 2008?

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