Playmate Elections

I normally don't like to vote because I don't like to choose. I never voted in American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, or in any other stupid TV contests. In fact, if the Bush Regime didn't fuck America and the world so badly, I would've never voted for a new President either. Although, as an exemption and as a gentleman of the world, I do take part in choosing the next Playboy's Playmate of the Year.

Miss July, Laura Croft, and Miss October, Kelly Carrington.

Unlike the U.S. Presidential Elections, where you only need to pick one from two aging male candidates, you'll face a conundrum when voting for the next Playmate of the Year because you'll choose one from 12 stunningly sexy women. That's why I've reached an impasse and can't pick between Laura Croft (Miss July) and Kelly Carrington (Miss October). Usually, I always vote for brunettes. But Kelly Carrington has this killer smile that is hard to pass up.

So, now, I leave this decision to you guys and VOTE for either one of these two vixens. I would definitely love to see one of them become Playmate of the Year.

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lucas said...

akala ko si lara croft! hehehe! i like her more.