Pork Stew ala NDS

I cooked dinner again using the Personal Trainer: Cooking for Nintendo DS. This time, I tried to follow a Chinese recipe for Fried Pork with Tomatoes. Originally, judging from the picture shown in the game, the meal should have a little thick sauce only. But, like with what I did when I made the Lemon Chicken, I also didn't follow the recipe to the letter. That's how I ended up with a very oily pork stew instead.

My heart attack pork stew.

However, this tastes way much better than the Lemon Chicken. My family loves it a lot. The flavor is so rich because I put in an extra cup of rice wine (Sake), and the pork is so tender as well. It's good thing I let the fried pork simmer in the stock for an hour instead of 15 minutes. Although, I got a little tipsy eating it. At first, I thought it was because of high cholesterol. But my sister, who's very healthy, got a little tipsy too. So it must've been the rice wine.

Now that's 2 recipes down, 243 more recipes to go. Maybe I'll just do 2 or 3 more recipes and then I can write a proper review for this game (or interactive cook book).

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Kevin said...

Oh I love tipsy dishes--those dishes where you get to incorporate wine. :D

Tempting, really.

lucas said...

wow...looks really tasty and delicious. talagang "heart attack pork stew"? very ominous title for a mouth-watering recipe..hehehe!

shurikenstuff said...

Dude, I can smell this confection-of-a-kind pork right now....nagutom tuloy ako, makaluto nga ng puchero

lucas said...

yeah...i was not surprised when i learned that she was a bikini model. she sounds cute :) hehe!

i remember that 'anoop dawg' hehe! he sounds good too. hope he makes it.

that cat fight was indeed hilarious. darell did hit a nerve. hehe!