DC Direct: Toy Fair 2009

Cover Girls of the DC Universe: Black Canary.

So what I posted yesterday about the Toy Fair 2009 was only the tip of the iceberg. Earlier today, I caught myself drooling over a lot of toy photographs captured from the fair, courtesy of IGN comics. I got a better glimpse this time and saw a lot of cool toys, from comics to animation action figures. Also, besides the standard fare, some gaming toys were featured too. NECA (Gears of War and Street Fighter) and McFarlane Toys (Halo and Guitar Hero), all of their figures were very detailed and exquisite. But, for me, DC Direct definitely stole the show.

When I saw the gallery of DC Direct, my salivary glands just went berserk. Their toys are just beautiful. I especially loved the Cover Girls of the DC Universe -they're to die for ($100 each), the Batman Black & White and the new series of Ame-Comi (specifically The Huntress and Batgirl). Their World of Warcraft figures also looked neat, and shouldn't be missed by any WoW fans.

On the down side, however, the mighty Hasbro, the toy company that filled my childhood with fun memories, has indeed tumbled down. It seems that all they can do these days is profit from nostalgia by rehashing their old toys. Even their Marvel Select looks pitiful. Marvel should ditch them and strike a deal with DC Direct. I don't know if that'll work. But it would be awesome if it does.

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lucas said...

toy fair? cool! i loved toy helicopters when i was still a kid. hehehe!