The Aftermath of Lies

Two things that gave me pause after watching Body of Lies yesterday.

  • After I saw how the CIA operates in the movie, of doing everything that is necessary to protect the US, despite the loss of innocent lives or even undermining the authority of their allies. All of a sudden, Sen. Nene Pimentel's speech back in 2000, that the CIA is responsible for the birth of Abu Sayyaf, doesn't seem to be too far-fetched anymore.
Axl Rose, he can still rock.
  • When I heard the song at the ending credits, I needed to stop and listen to it because it was so damn cool. It has this cool funk, jazz and soul vibe to it, and with a little mid-eastern flair. The voice was definitely Axl Rose's. But I never heard him sing that way so I doubted myself. When I got home, I learned that the song, entitled "If The World", was indeed from Gun N' Roses. Though the song is a departure from the old GNR that we used to know, it just proves that Axl can still rock.
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