First Impressions: Spore

Howard, The Mosquito Duck

I finished playing Mass Effect and now I'm playing Spore. This game has been under development for a long time. I remember I was still in school when people started talking about its complex and revolutionary gameplay. So when I played the game last night I thought I'd have my nose buried in the game's manual. But it's actually not that complex since the game is very playable. Even casual gamers will probably enjoy this game. I don't find it to be that revolutionary either. True, there's some innovation in the game but I don't think you'd see a bunch of Spore clones in the near future. Personally, however, I'm having a blast playing the game. I'm addicted to it too.

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RONeiluke, RN said...

wow..meron ka na namang bagong game. just finished luxor at harry potter and the goblet of fire on my psp. hehehe!

RONeiluke, RN said...

yeah they should follow your example man...

salingPUSA said...

parang ingganyo tuloy ako laro everytime na nababasa ko mga reviews u sa mga games. natatakot kasi ako na mahumaling at baka diko na tantanan. ganun kasi ako. But according to experts, 1 hour of computer gaming everyday could be good for concentration....