Featured Band: Tera Melos

I haven't heard any new Math Rock bands as of late, and I was starving to hear more of the genre's oddly pleasing sounds. So I immediately set myself to work and scoured the net of everything Math Rock. A couple searches later, I found an article at Sputnikmusic entitled Genre Report: Norcal Math Rock. The article featured the Math Rock bands in Norther California, their history and the history of the scene. It was a great read and all the featured bands were really good. Although one band did stood out for me: Tera Melos.

Tera Melos.

Tera Melos is a two-man band (though they were four piece before) but is currently looking for a drummer. I really like their music because, amidst the odd time signatures and stop-start dynamics, they're still melodic since they use a lot of contemporary jazz elements. They also have a vocalist. But as with Math Rock, which is mainly regarded for its use of instruments, the vocals here are unintelligible. If you like to hear more of their music, you can visit their MySpace page. They have six songs that can be fully previewed. I highly recommend listening to them all.

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DFelon204409 said...

hey man, i wrote that math rock article. good to see it's exposing people to great bands like tera melos. this is exactly why i wrote the article, to give some goods bands some new fans. thanks for the post.