Absolutely Absolute!

Last month, I donated three small boxes of trade paperback comics and mass market edition of books to a child mentoring program. I gave them away not because I didn't like them but because I was planning to build a library of hardcovers only. Included in that box were six softcover volumes of The Sandman graphic novels, by Neil Gaiman, which is one of my favorite comic book series. So, of course, it's natural that getting The Sandman hardcovers is a priority on my list.

Absolute Edition side by side with a regular collected hardcover (left) and its slipcase (right).

The collected trades for The Sandman was initially released between the late 80's and the mid 90's. So, at first, I was afraid that it'd be impossible, or too expensive, for me to acquire a hardcover version. But, fortunately, Vertigo and DC Comics started the Absolute Edition, which is a higher quality of hardcovers. It's larger than a standard collected hardcover, bound with a thick leather cover and encased in a slipcase. It's also been recolored and collects 20 issues instead of 8. Bottom line, it's a really beautiful book that'll last and look good on any library.

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crucios said...

you're a guy full of luck :)

gillboard said...

hopefully, ill have enough money to buy trade paperbacks!!! absolute editions look very expensive...

Skron said...

It is expensive but worth it though. Because its price go up though, unlike softcover trades. Warren Ellis' Absolute Edition of The Authority and Planetary costs like $200.