This day, Saturday, left me cold...or WITH a cold and fever to be specific. I woke up shivering under my blanket this morning, feeling all stuffed and heavy. The world outside my window didn't help me a bit as well because it was so grey and chilly. So I had no choice but to stay in bad and cancel my plan of going to the first ever Windy City Comicon. I really wanted to go. So much, and so badly, that I bought a non-refundable ticket in advance. It's a good thing it was only $5 (unlike Wizard World which charges for $25). But, still, everytime I think about the bargains and the tons of back issues I could've gotten, or the nice and crazy comics afficionado I could've met, make me feel so dejected. Bah, there's always a next year...or so I'll keep telling myself tonight until I fall asleep.

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RONeiluke, RN said...

wow... the COMICON??? maraming nagpupunta dyan (even celebrities)lalo na yung comic collectors and the sort... hope you get well soon. you don't want to miss it :)

Skron said...

I already canceled it. Hence, the post. But, anyways, this comicon is local, and its main focus is just comics. Comics, comic afficionados, comic creators, and comic book dealers. We're trying to filter out the celebrities that are trying to promote something (even if they're promoting a comic-book related movie or TV series).

Wizard World and Comic Con International (the big one) are the fun ones. Lots of celebrities and lots of washed out wrestlers. But the entrance fee is also jacked up because of these people. So if you're in just for comics, you'd pay extra. Besides, if you ever want an autograph, you'll also need to pay the celebs.

I remember I was falling in line, and love, to get the autograph of Missy Peregrym (Heroes and the Reaper). But they told me I need to buy a $25 picture of her before I can get an autograph. So I had to leave. It sucks.