Apocalypse Now

Fallout 3 was finally released last Tuesday. While most Fallout fanatics, or gamers who are jumping into the hype bandwagon, where out there trying to irradiate themselves with a copy of the game, I was battling out my impulse -to keep myself from doing the same- until I've raided Bethesda's PC support forum and see if the game has some major issues. For the two days I lurked at the forum, two problems that were constantly asked -and concerned me the most- were: (1) Securom Issues and (2) Random Crashing.

Securom problems, as a PC gamer, is still a big myth to me. Don't ask me why but, luckily, I just haven't had any problems installing or playing my games with Securom protection. I know that games like Spore and Mass Effect have created much chaos because a lot of people can't install or play their games because of Securom. But I didn't. However, that doesn't mean that I won't experience it with Fallout 3. So that raised a bit of concern. Random crashing made me pause as well since its cause are still unknown, and Bethsoft isn't doing anything.

The Capital Wasteland, my kind of wasteland.

Camping in at Bethsoft's forum, and listening to endless rants and prattle, is a very tiring ordeal. So I moved on and started reading substantial amount of Fallout 3 reviews, which are all in a positive note. After that I tried to decide if should buy the game now or wait until Best Buy knocks $10 off the game in the upcoming weeks, by weighing the game's problem and the positive reviews. But, in the end, after nine years of waiting for a sequel, it was my fanboyism that prevailed and prompted me to buy the game.

So, if the game is as good as the reviews says, the posts in this blog will significantly decline. But if the game is as good as its predecessors, then this blog will become as barren as a wasteland. See you next year.

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RONeiluke, RN said...

just want to greet you a happy halloween!

peace out!

gillboard said...

ill be buying a new xbox just for that game and fable 2. december just can't come sooner!!!