Comics Bundle 10/08 - 10/15: Splorching Skrulls

This week's bundle of comics was an expensive bundle. That's because there are lots of good Marvel Limited Series with a nice thin card cover. Maybe it's time for me to trim down my pull sheet.

Deadpool #3
8.5 of 10
Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Paco Medina

Nothing's really new here, as my boy Deadpool consistently harassed the Skrulls with his insanity until they go SPLORCH! Although, there's a tad of seriousness in this issue when Deadpool explained how his healing factor works to the resident Skrull egghead. There's even a hint of sadness in his voice. Maybe because he remembers his life before his cancer and Weapon X? Anyways, like all other Deadpool issue, this too is tons of fun.

Ender's Game: Battle School #1
7.6 of 10
Writer: Christopher Yost
Artists: Pasqual Ferry, Frank D'Armata

Marvel has adapted some popular books into comics as of late, and they're pretty successful. So when they announced that they'll also adapt Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, I was ecstatic. I haven't read the book but, for the longest time now, I really wanted to. That's why I included the comics adapatation on my pull sheet. However, it seems to me that the writer assumed that readers of this issue is familiar with the source material. The background setting, for example, is vague. I didn't know if they were on Earth or another planet. Terms such as "Formics" were also used but didn't had any in-depth explanation. On the other hand, characterization here is great. Ender, especially, is not the kind of kid that I expected. In the end, however, I'm not so sure if I want to continue following the comics or the book.

Mighty Avengers #19
1.0 not 10
Writer: Who Cares?
Artists: Who Cares?

The reason why I follow Mighty Avengers is because Ares cracks me up and I find Carol Danvers sexy (Jessica Drew too). But Mighty Avengers #19, a Secret Invasion tie-in, featured Captain Marvel and none of the Mighty Avengers. Not one. Plus, the story was really horrendous. I haven't got many comics but this is probably the worst issue I have right now. Because I'm not sure what it was about. I think it was about a confused Captain Marvel trying to figure out if he was a Kree or Skrull. If you haven't bought this issue yet, skip it.

X-Men: Magneto Testament #2
10 of 10
Writer: Grek Pak
Artists: Carmine Giandomenico, Matt Hollingsworth

The first issue of X-Men: Magneto Testament made an impression on me. But, as with first issues, I wasn't so sure if the series is going to be really good or just a fluke. That's why I didn't include it when I updated my pull list. A huge mistake on my part, that was. I have to visit three comic book store to get a copy because this issue were flying off the shelves. With good reason too. Since, in this book, we see how a young Magneto suffered and persevered in the face of Jewish persecution, the root of his hatred for humanity and mutant extremism, during the reign of the Third Reich.

The Walking Dead #53
8.8 of 10
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artists: Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn

Two things I like about The Walking Dead: (1) The story of human perseverance and (2) Hacking zombies into pieces. The series has a balanced mixture of both drama and action. Those are the reasons why I think it's successful. Lately, however, there's more drama than action. We know that too much of something is bad, and the drama has made the progress of the series slower than a "walking dead". But, in this issue, people showed up at Hershel's Farm, an army man (who looks like Dum Dum Dugan) and a scientist, who seems to know what's going on and are headed to Washington to sort things out. If the series is indeed going to Washington, then the series going to pick up some serious winds on its sail and head towards a bloody story arc.

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