My Top 50 Rock Albums: The 80's

The part 3 of my top 50 albums list is here. On this list are my top 10 albums from the 80's. Writing this list really brought me back to my early to mid teenage years. Because most of the ones included on the list, I discovered when I was still in late grade school and in high school. Although, to be quite honest, I've only appreciated a couple of these albums just recently.

10. Vivid
by Living Colour
I was browsing through my friend's collection when I came across Vivid. I never knew anything about the band but when I played it, BOOM, it just took me back to the 80's. Nostalgia aside, Vivid is also important as it takes on social issues, such as racism. In addition, the fusion of funk, jazz and soul into hard rock is also an entertaining accomplishment.

9. How Can I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today
by Suicidal Tendencies
I saw Suicidal Tendencies on MTV's Headbanger's Ball, and I was instantaneously piqued by their music. So when I finally got their album, How Can I Laugh..., I just slammed in my room like a mad kid for hours. Because their hardcore/trash metal sound was so energetic. I especially liked the rising and falling guitar tempos and Cyko Myko's vocals stylings.

8. The Number of the Beast
by Iron Maiden
I tried to get into Iron Maiden, during my high school years, but failed. That's only because I've been listening to the wrong albums. Seven years later, after I serendipitously heard the grandiose of the song "Hallowed Be Thy Name", I got The Number of the Beast and my history was altered as Iron Maiden became one of my favorite bands.

7. Disintegration
by The Cure
Like with Iron Maiden, I was also a late bloomer to The Cure's music. True that I've been listening to the band, and even enjoyed some of their songs. I just didn't hailed them as a terrific band. But after I heard Disintegration, 6 years ago, I realized I had missed a lot. Smith's gloomy voice, and the shimmering and eerie guitars just cut through me.

6. The Real Thing
by Faith No More
I borrowed The Real Thing from a friend when I saw him carrying it. I didn't know anything about Faith No More, or their music, back then. So when I finally played it at home, I was mesmerized by the cacophony of funk bass, metal riffs, insane wide-ranged vocals and doomy keyboards. I fell in love with the album so much that I didn't return it to my friend.

5. Ace of Spades
by Motorhead
Overkill will always be my favorite Motorhead album. But as a big fan of the band, it's just hard to discount Ace of Spades and the title track of the album, a legendary song, which made this three-man band a legend. Like every record made by Motorhead, Ace of Spades also packs raw and in-your-face music that swings really really hard.

4. Moving Pictures
by Rush
I'm a big fan of Rush and picking up a favorite from them is an arduous ordeal as all of their work are great. So it took me awhile to reach a decision, and pick Moving Pictures as my favorite. All of the songs in this album are just majestic -from the hard hitting "Tom Sawyer" to the synth epic of "The Camera Eye"- both in music and lyrics.

3. Back in Black
by AC/DC
Like Rush, AC/DC also have plenty of good albums. But choosing Back in Black was easy since this album is a testament that the band can't be brought down. Not even by death. While many bands struggle at the death of a lead vocalist, AC/DC just got another one for this album and continued to play anthems of sex, booze, and rock n' roll.

2. Appetite for Destruction
by Guns N' Roses
The band that started it all, and the album that opened my world to rock music. After hearing the memorable guitar intro from "Sweet Child O' Mine", I just decided to spend my 100 Php to get Appetite for Destruction. After that, I listened to this album for the following months, day in and day out, to the dismay of my parents.

1. Master of Puppets
by Metallica
Nowadays, it's easy to diss and dismiss Metallica. But to forget what they've done to expand metal is sacrilege. If you don't know what I'm talking about, get Master of Puppets as it sums up the band's accomplishments. This album, with its pile-driving guitar riffs and scorching solos, made me trade my G.I. Joe toys for a guitar.

Nice. Three decades down. Two more decades to go. So check back as soon as you can to see what 70's albums made it on my next list.

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shurikenstuff said...

Rare Rare Rare Lists...Ace of Base, AC/DC and Guns N Roses are the only bands that i know but i can tell all the bands here are legends...you have real taste for the blood huh? haha

Skron said...

Ace of Base? That's an Abba rip-off group from the 90's. Not a rock band, not from the 80's, does not belong on this list.

Anyways, if I did have a real taste for blood. Slayer's Reign of Blood would've been on this list, and so's Megadeth Peace Sells...But who's buying and Metallica's Kill 'Em All. Besides, The Cure, Rush, and Living Colour are pretty tame bands.

RONeiluke, RN said...

it's interesting to know this is your kind of music. and they're really loud right? kasi napansin kong may metallica? hindi ako pamilyar dito. ang narecognize ko lang eh yung the cure (i'm not sure kung ito nga yung cure na naiisip ko. hehe) i'm into rock. alternative nga lang at poprock... :)


thanks for commenting :)

i can't imagine my grandfather encouraging me to have a drink! hahaha!

so you didn't go to college pala... you're still into music until now? wheeeew! that's really COOL! tours, gigs and stuff. :) hays... my stomach just can't tolerate beer. i get nauseated. drinking is good when you need to have a good talk. anong mga instances ang kelangan mong malasing agad?

napakainformative. no doubt you LIKE drinking :)

peace out! :)

tinay said...

*smashes plates on the wall*