What's in a Name?

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other nam
e would smell as sweet."

-William Shakespeare

Romantics aside, I think this -already over used- quote has been rendered obsolete by the internet. Because on this day and age, a name can mean access to a person's digitized identity (e.g. Facebook or MySpace profiles). Which means all you need to do is get a whiff of your crush's name, hope she had her identity digitized somewhere on the net, and you'll have access to her pictures.

Snorg Girl, I know your real name.

Yes, that's what a name is worth nowadays -a treasure trove of pictures, and maybe a little bit of info too. That's why, for more than a year, with the use of this blog, I've been trying so hard to find the real name of the Snorg girl that models the shirt "With A Shirt Like This Who Needs Pants?".

For months, nobody came forward and share with me the name of this next door beauty. But, yesterday, to my surpirse, a guy named Calaca Tico wrote a comment on my blog and told me that the beauty's name is Megan Miller, a 21 year old model from Florida. This comment is probably the best comment in my blog, and it also made me happy that I blog.

So now, armed with but a name, I have access to this Snorg Girl's treasure trove of pictures over at ModelMayhem. Wow.

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gillboard said...

stalker mode? lolz

Skron said...

All the time. Except when playing PC games or reading.