Comics-to-Film Wishlist Pt. 1

The Watchmen is out and finally over with. But there are lot of comics-to-film coming out on the horizon -Wolverine: Origins being the next- and even more under production that make me excited. However, what's coming out and what's under production are only a fraction of the stories the comic industry have. Of course, not all of it are good enough to be film worthy and some just won't work in movies. But, if you ask me which comic book series I want to be made into films, then here are some of my suggestions:

Note: Anyways, to make it easier for me, I've divided this post into two parts. The first part, this post, will focus on the superhero category. Meaning, I'll list 5 superhero comic books that I want to see in movies.

5. Justice League of America

Who deserves a movie more than the JLA? Adapting this title into a film is going to be hard, however. Especially in keeping up with DC's film continuity, now that the Batman franchise opted a realistic approach. But the film is still doable if they decide not to use DC's big three (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) and settle with less popular characters. An adaptable JLA graphic novel that comes to mind is JLA: Year One. It has a good plot and a solid roster of characters with clashing personalities like Black Canary, Green Lantern and The Flash. This will be a fun team-up on the silver screen.

4. New X-Men

Imagine the X-Men and then imagine they're in high school learning how to control their powers, coping with acne problems and losing their virginity. Yes, that's what the New X-Men are like and I definitely want this series to be made into a film and pick up where "The Last Stand" had left the franchise, which I don't think is going to be hard. I mean, they still have a school full of mutants, some experienced mutants to become faculty members, and they have Worthington Industries to fund the school. As for villains, there's always The Purifiers -man, I love these fanatics.

3. Invincible

This comic book series tells a very familiar superhero story but with an interesting twist to it. Invincible is Mark Grayson, a regular half-alien boy next door with super strength, flight and invulnerability, who fights crime with his alien and Superman-esque dad named Omni-man. The comics started out as a nice family oriented superhero team, kinda like Disney's The Invincibles. But then, Mark's dad tells him about the true nature of his race: that he's actually a scout for an alien invasion force that will dominate Earth. And I thought Luke's dad was evil.

2. Ex Machina

I'm not exactly sure if this series is under the superhero category. Ex Machina, written by Brian K. Vaughn (also of Lost), is the story of Mitchell Hundred, a civil engineer who turned to a life of crime-fighting when he found a device that gave him the ability to talk to machines. Later, however, when he realized that he did more damage as a hero, he became Mayor of New York City. This is a great comic book that mixes city politics with the superhero genre. I'm pretty sure a lot of people will dig this when it comes out on film. Especially if Brain K. Vaughn writes the screenplay.

1. Black Summer

With the United States as it is right now. I'm pretty sure a lot of people are still pissed with George W. Bush for leaving this country so financially damaged. So now is the perfect time to adapt Black Summer into film. Black Summer is a mini-series, written by Warren Ellis, where a superhero assassinates The President of the United States (unnamed in the comics but shares a lot of similarities with Bush) and became an enemy of the state, facing the entire might of the US Military. I'm pretty sure that this film won't get made though. It's too controversial. But if it does get made, a lot of people will enjoy this.

So these are the five superhero comic books that I want to see in films. Some of them might see the silver screen (I know there's talk of reviving the X-Men film franchise) but most will never be adapted into films due to lack of popularity. Anyways, watch out for part two. I'll list down books that are not about superheroes.

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lucas said...

is it true that lady deathstrike and wolverine was once a couple???

a friend told me they were. hmmm

gillboard said...

i say bring on anything that Ed Brubaker wrote!!! Captain America, Daredevil and Criminal...

Those would be very good materials for a dark noir themed film...

--------------------- said...

Since we're talking about kids dealing with their powers, where's Runaways?!?

Skron said...

Runaways is already in pre-production. That's I didn't include in this list.