fYou: Macs and Pods

Alright, before we proceed any further, and before you guys dismiss me as an anti-Apple guy, I just want to say I don't have anything against Apple and their products. But, for some unfortunate reason, I always get into an argument with devout Apple users, who are always trying to convert me into using a Mac or an iPod. While those Apple products are awesome and sleek looking, I just don't have the need for them. To me, Mac or Pc is like choosing between a Gibson or Fender, Coke or Pepsi, Blue or Black. It's all about personal preferences.

PC vs. Mac
"You should've gotten a Mac and a PS3 instead of a Dell Gaming PC."

I admit that Macs are much more sexier and sleeker than a PC, and that Windows Vista is a slug compared to the Mac OS X. But here are the reasons why I use a PC instead of a Mac:

  • Gaming is the main reason I use a PC. I know Apple announced that they will focus more on entertainment a few years ago -and they did- but they still have to catch up with gaming.
  • PC is much cheaper. A lot of Mac users have told me that Macs are as cheap as PC nowadays. But when I checked out the Mac equivalent of my PC (hardware wise), which is the Mac 24": 3.06GHz, it costs $700 more. Oh, and I don't need to buy a $300 PS3 for gaming as well.
  • I'm already familiar with Windows and know how to maintain it. I've never had a crash since XP came out. So if you're telling me about your bad experiences with Windows, then it was also your fault and not just the software/hardware.
What it takes to convert me into a Mac user:
  • Gaming. If Apple becomes more gamer friendly, and maybe run older games that Vista can't, I'll definitely jump right in without looking back.
  • Make it more cheaper, of course.
iPod vs. other Mp3 Players
"You should've gotten an iPod because it has more accessories than a Creative ZEN."

iPods are probably the prettiest gadgets I've seen. But here are the reasons why I use a Creative ZEN and a Sansa Clip:
  • Back then, when 30 GB was the largest capacity of mp3 players, I bought a Creative ZEN because it can play wmv. files, small size but wit decent sound quality. Which means I can store a lot of my music.
  • I bought 2 GB Sansa Clip because, during that time, it was so cheap ($35)
  • Everybody has an iPod, and I always try to be a non-conformist.
What it takes to convert me into an iPod user:
  • If Apple releases a 128 GB iPod Touch, or even a 64 GB, then I'm there.
Well, there, I said my piece. I hope you Mac users will stop heckling me into getting a Mac or an iPod. Because I will never convert to Apple products unless they accommodate my needs.

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The Scud said...

i used to own a zen but it crashed after i deleted a music file. kainis. i bought a classic ipod to replace it. ipod touch sana pero ang liit lang ng capacity. saka na kng merong 64gb, as you said, or a 128gb.

and i would love to own a macbook. period. :-D

Skron said...

Gadgets breaking down is always a tragedy. But that's to be expected especially with hard drive mp3 players. They tend to have a short life.

Luckily, after two years, my ZEN still works. Although I won't be surprised if it gives in anytime soon. That's why I'm waiting for a large capacity flash-based mp3 players.