Demo Monday: Empire

The release date of Empire: Total War is just right around the corner. Because of its strategical depth, combining the elements of turn-based and real-time strategy games, I've been a big fan of the Total War series ever since Shogun. Unfortunately, because of financial reasons, I missed out on Medieval II. So I haven't played this excellent strategy game series since Rome: Total War. That's why I'm so excited about getting this game. It's like I'm going to be reunited with an old playmate.

But before I made the commitment on pre-purchasing the game (so I could get Rome: Total War for free on Steam), I downloaded and played the demo first. I know that the demo is unnecessary because the game will be more than awesome. But I thought a little demonstration wouldn't hurt.

In Empire's naval combat, you can board and capture an enemy ship.

There are two modes available in the demo, the tutorial and the battle. Compared to other demos, the tutorial in Empire's demo is short and sweet. It only covers the combat aspect of the game, both ground and naval. As for the battle mode, it whets your appetite by showing you how ground and naval combat works in game. I didn't really play the ground battle because I assume it wont be as different as it was in other Total War games. The naval battle, however, is a lot of fun. Although, at first, it starts out really slow. But it gets engaging once you and the opposing fleet are locked in combat. It's like Sid Meier's Pirates except that you have to control and manage a whole fleet.

The only thing that bothered me about the demo was the loading times because it takes a while. I hope this won't be a problem with the full game. Other than that, I think this game will be a lot of fun. I'll probably lose some sleep over it too. If you haven't played any Total War games, I urge you to try the demo.

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gillboard said...

I'm really bad at RTS games... maybe that's why even til now, I'm not that addicted to WoW. I guess i need to play those games more...

Skron said...

Well WoW is an action-RPG. You probably meant Warcraft, right?

I'm not good with RTS either. Especially against another players. I'm fast at building an army but my strategy is no good. That's why I just play the campaigns.

gillboard said...

see... stupid talaga ako sa pc games... hahaha