Owned! Pawned!

For two days in a row, I spent my time playing the multiplayer mode of Dawn of War II. Within those two whole days, I've also suffered a losing streak. I've been pawned and owned many times over by the players I've encountered, even the most green. A lot of them were fast and systematic. They knew when to recruit, where to start and how to strike. Although some players were just lucky. But luck still favors the prepared. So, as of right now, Skron80 (my Steam ID and Games for Windows LIVE ID) is probably the ultimate noob in multiplayer Dawn of War II.

It doesn't surprise me though. Since I lean more towards single player role-playing games, I was always bad with online player vs. player (PvP) games. First-person shooter, real-time strategies, you name any sort of PvP and I suck at it. True, I was decent with Counter-Strike and Rogue Spear. But I never really stood out amongst my peers. Starcraft? I only play 4 vs. 4 because, while I'm a fast Zerg player, I had no strategy or micro-managing skills. I was only the cannon fodder, good at delaying opponents while my three team members hatch the big plan. The same can be said about me with Warcraft III. I can't even beat my 13 year-old nephew in this game.

So now comes Dawn of War II, and other RTS made by Relic, which requires a lot of management. Even my friends, who were ardent RTS gamers, were put off by Company of Heroes' tactical and micro management. Although Dawn of War II looks simple on the map (no buildings, less upgrades, fewer units) its complexity lies in strategies, in which I lack. I've seen players with two units beat three of mine because they have the right wargear, tactical position and execution of abilities. During combat, I also noticed that these players pay attention to their units, directing them and moving them constantly out of harm's way.

As for me, I'm trying to come up with some strategies of my my own (I can't find one on the net) and polish my skills by playing against a computer opponent. My goal is to defeat two opponents in hard difficulty before I play online again. But, right now, I can't even defeat one AI on normal difficulty. Looks like I still have a long way to go. Knowing myself, I'll probably quit before I reach my goal. So to any Dawn of War strategist reading this blog: Please take me under your wing and share with my your ultimate stratagems.

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