First Impressions: Dawn of War II

I've almost left this blog inactive for a week. That's because I've been playing Dawn of War II, non-stop, ever since I downloaded it from Steam last Saturday. Every time I'm near my computer, I just want to start this game, don my Terminator armor and direct my squads to kill some Eldars, Orks and Tyranids. Yes, it is very addictive and it's hard putting it down. However, for a brief time, I've managed to gather enough willpower to pull myself away from this game and write my initial thoughts about it.

"For the Emperor!"

Since I'm more into single-player games, the first feature I checked was the game's official campaign. Surprisingly, and much to my delight, the campaign's gameplay in Dawn of War II is actually more of a tactical RPG (like Freedom Force) than a real-time strategy. You don't gather resources, construct buildings and raise an army in the campaign. Instead, in each mission, you get a squad of four Space Marines to complete your objectives. These Space Marines, however, can earn experience, gain levels and equip war gears that are randomly dropped in the span of the campaign.

So, yeah, I'm pretty impressed with this game's official campaign. I was just expecting a real-time strategy game but I got more than that, better than that. So that's a good thing. Now, would you excuse me? I need to get back to the game and quell a Tyranid incursion.

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