Comics-to-Film Wishlist Pt. 2

The first part of this series, which can be found here, I made a list of five superhero comic books that I want to see in film. This time, I'm going to list five comic books that aren't about superheroes. Because comic books aren't just about superheroes, you know. If you don't believe me then you better check out 300, History of Violence and Road to Perdition.

Anyways, without further ado, my list:

5. DMZ

The story of DMZ is about the second American Civil War between the United States and the Free States (militia groups that started a revolt in protestation to all the wars the US is involved with). Set in near future New York City, specifically Manhattan, which is now almost empty and a demilitarized zone between the two warring parties. I really like this book because of its political and anti-war tones, and its atmosphere reminds me of the movie Escape from New York.

4. Transmetropolitan

I want this book to be made into a film because I'd love to see and hear the main character, Spider Jerusalem, insult and assault people. Spider is a gonzo journalist and he's one of the most interesting character in known fiction. The series is set in a dystopian future and it tackles various political and social issues that mirrors ours today but is only taken to the extreme. Spider's mission, armed with a bowel disruptor and drug enhancers, is to scratch at these issues and reveal the truth.

3. Ronin

I'm a big fan of Frank Miller but I didn't like 300 and Sin City, both the films and graphic novels. But now that those two are out of the way I could only think of one graphic novel from Miller's oeuvre that could be next in line for a film adaptation, Ronin. It is an excellent graphic novel and my favorite work by Miller, next to The Dark Knight Returns. What I like about this comics is that it was able to incorporate feudal Japan into a dystopian cyberpunk setting, giving way to cybernetically enhanced samurai warriors.

2. Fables

Unlike other comics I've listed, I think Fables will do well in the movies because even the non-comics community are familiar with its characters, like Snow White and Big Bad Wolf (both got married in the comics), which we've seen and heard from the stories and Disney movies when we were kids. The only difference is that they were revisioned to live together in a magical community in contemporary New York. I know there's already talks about a Fables TV series. But Fables is too epic for the TV screen.

1. Scalped

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Scalped. But the main character, Dashiell Bad Horse, is a real bad-ass. But my reason of why I want this title to be made into a film is to shock people out of apathy. I know the U.S. have lots of issues right now, and you can't help but hear people whine about it (including me). But before we whine, let's try and remember about the neglected state of the Native Americans. They've been murdered, land grabbed and thrown into reservation camps. After many years, they're still stuck in their own third world country inside the U.S.

That's my list. If you haven't noticed it, all comics (except Ronin) are from DC's Vertigo line. What can I say? I love their comics.

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gillboard said...

i know tv won't have the same budget as a movie, but i prefer to watch Fables regularly than in just one movie...

Skron said...

I prefer if we can watch Fables in six movies! Kinda like Harry Potter and Star Wars. Even twelve or eighteen if they really have to milk it.

--------------------- said...

Fables is a great candidate for a transition to movies. It could also be susceptable to bad directing and casting due to the nature of the book. If handled right it could be amazing. And I agree with Skron, 6 Fable movies would be insanely awesome.