Something in the Sea

One of the best games that came out during the latter half of this decade is definitely BioShock. While it only ranked #2 on my Best 7 Games of 2007 (it was trumped by The Witcher), the game's art direction is still unparalleled. The story, which revolves around Ayn Rand's (one of my favorite authors) philosophy of Objectivism, is also top notch.

Two years after it rocked the gaming world, the BioShock franchise is ready to resurface again. News have been bubbling up lately. Most of them, however, were just rumors. But a few days ago something solid came out: a viral site -entitiled There's Something in the Sea- and a BioShock 2 art (pictured above) on the cover of Game Informer's April 2009 issue.

The viral site, a bulletin board plastered with news clips of sightings of an unknown maritime object (UMO), did its job well in making me excited about the game. But what really pushed me past over excitement is the news that you'll be actually playing as a Big Daddy. Yes, Big Daddy, the same dive suit machinations you were trying to outlive in the first game.

Man, I couldn't wait for this game to come out. If there's one game I've missed on my anticipated games in 2009, it's BioShock 2.

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gillboard said...

looking forward to playing this game as well... I don't know how many times i played the first one... cuz it was creepy yet excellent!!!

Level Up said...

You should have seen me fowarding that site to my friends. I love viral marketing and 2 out of the 10 I sent it out to actually got that it was Bioshock. Unfortunately I haven't gotten my copy of Game Informer yet so I'm waiting on that. Can't wait!

Skron said...

@gillboard: it's gonna be awesome this time. Especially with a multiplayer content. I also hope they have Games for Windows Live achievements available on this game.

@level up: the viral site really kicks ass, man. It'll pique your curiosity.