Comics Bundle: 05.13.09 Pt. 1

I have to pick-up a month worth of comic books again. Plus, I have to pay 5 times more for the variant of Thor #601 (worth it though). So, right now, I'm pretty much broke.

Thor #601
10 of 10
Another excellent issue from J.M. Straczynski and the Thor team. There's not much action to be had within this book but it was full of humor. The conversation during the Asgardian's dinner at Doctor Doom's castle, especially, left me laughing. Just imagine Doctor Doom using Wikipedia to learn about Winkles. Volstagg too was funny as hell. But, being funny aside, there are some major plot works moving on in the book as well. Mainly, Loki finally revealed to Thor that her body is that of Lady Sif's and that Asgardians are moving to Latveria.

Secret Warriors #4
7.8 of 10
Remember when I said that this series won't buckle anytime soon? Well, I was wrong. Because the fourth issue is somewhat of a let down. I didn't like it because the kids were benched to focus on Old Nick and his Howling Commandos, getting ready to take on Hydra. Besides having a new recruit to the team, and Nick Fury taking a jab at whiny Enron employees, there's nothing big going on with this one. Although I hope that they're just recoiling the springs for a big push next issue.

Deadpool #10
8.4 of 10
I know I've mentioned this too many times but I didn't really like what X-Men Origins did to Deadpool. It's a good thing that I can always come back to his funnier, crazier and more violent comic book version. The saltest issue was tons of fun, and it did a good job in washing clean all the bad after thoughts I had from the movie. Deadpool, still strapped for cash after hitting Osborn's wallet, pimps himself as a gun for hire in Craiglist and, for $500, killed a pizza delivery boy. Then Osborn, after he knew that Deadpool's still alive, sends Dark Hawkeye (also known as Bullseye) to kill him. The action was short-lived in this issue though. But I'm pretty sure there will be more on the next.

New Avengers #52
8.7 of 10
I didn't like #51 mainly because it was over hyped, and that the whole team were swept under the rug by Dr. Strange. But on hindsight, and looking at the whole "Who's the next Sorcerer Supreme?" story arc, I think I may have judged the issue too rashly. In most cases, this issue is the same as the previous one. The New Avengers are basically supporting characters, tagging along Strange's quest. But that's okay because Dr. Strange never gets a spotlight he deserves. Another big plus is that The Hood's character is being developed here. Which is appropriate because a lot of people don't know anything about this new A-list villain. Oh, and the one liners here are also hilarious.

Wolverine #73
8.0 of 10
I was expecting Mark Millar's Old Man Logan arc continuing on this issue but I was surprised that it wasn't. I wasn't disappointed though because this is probably the funniest Wolverine issue I've read. The book has two parts but I don't really care about the second part. The first part of the book, however, shows us the daily life of Wolverine from panel to panel. And Marvel's working him really hard. He's going solo on day one, running with the New Avengers the next, leading X-Force on the third, helping the X-Men on the fourth and teaming up with someone on the fifth. I just couldn't stop laughing reading this issue.

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gillboard said...

I love Thor and Secret Warriors!!! Excited for the next issue of both titles. Dropped Deadpool after the Magnum Opus story arc though.