Comics Bundle: 05.13.09 Pt. 2

This is part 2 of my comics bundle for this week. As always, this part is dedicated to all non-Marvel titles. Anyways, part 1 can be found here.

The Walking Dead #61
9.0 of 10
Just when I thought that this title couldn't get any nastier and sicker (in a good way, of course), I was proven wrong again. Kirkman pulls another twists to the story, and it's a very twisted one alright. I wouldn't say it but it involves the kids in this story. It also explores the gray areas of life, and shows us that humans are also capable of monstrosities despite of age.

Justice League of America #32
7.4 of 10
DC events were supposed to clean up their universe. But, for some reason, Final Crisis just messed it up. Take JLA for example. The team is barely holding up. Two of the major founders left, one is dead and other members splintered from the main group to form their own JLA. So now, the main JLA consists of five heroes, almost all are B-list, and they're also leaderless. Nonetheless, this issue was filled with a lot of good and fun dialogues (especially the ones between Dr. Light and Firestorm) about how the team should proceed. Although, instead of pondering the direction of the team, they have to ruin it by brining Shadow Thief and Starbreaker into the fold. Although I'd love to see them develop this 5-man, B-list Justice League into something more.

Jack of Fables #33
8.5 of 10
If not for "The Great Fables Crossover" I would never pick up a copy of Jack of Fables. That is how much I hate Jack (of Jack and the Beanstalk fame). But, anyways, as part of the crossover, this issue is excellent. Since most of the characters in the story arc are from this book, the issue did its job well in filling readers like me, who had never read an issue of Jack of Fables, with various information and character introductions -mainly the people who are known as the Literals and what they can do- in order to catch up with the story. But the best thing about this book is Bigby beating the living daylights out of Jack.

The Literals #1
7.9 of 10
This book is the third part of "The Great Fables Crossover". The issue was created in mind to expand the Fable universe for the crossover and accommodate the new beings known as the Literals, who are godly beings that can rewrite reality as they see fit. The first issue features Bigby, Snow and two Literals, Gary and Revise, in the hunt of Kevin Thorn, a powerful Literal that is planning to wipe and rewrite the whole universe. Thorn is a very interesting character and this issue shows just how powerful he is. Fortunately, however, he's suffering from writer's block. So, for now, he doesn't know what to do.

Fables #84
6.0 of 10
This is part four of "The Great Fables Crossover". Oddly enough Jack is here but Bigby and Snow aren't (because they're hunting down Kevin Thorn). So Jack made a mess of the Fables again, taking advantage of their ignorance about the Literals. Plus, I also learned that Jack knows he's a comic book character. That is a feat only reserved for Deadpool. Too bad Bigby's not here to beat him up. I do hope that Beast will though.

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