Nat Fan

I don't crush that easily. But, when I do, it's always deep and lasts for a long while. I have a crush on Jennifer Connelly ever since Labyrinth. I have a crush on a medical student at work and I didn't know her name for about a year. I had a crush on one of my classmates that continued two years after the last time I saw her. But the hardest crush I had was probably Natalie Portman.

Natalie Portman, angelic and fabulous.

Ah, Natalie Portman. Ever since she turned around when Anakin Skywalker asked her "Are you an angel?" in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, I knew I was done for. Me, and some of my friends, just went gago over her. But unlike them, I did a lot of silly things in the name of nerd love and fanboyism. Here are some of those things:
  • After I was tantalized by Natalie's beauty in the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, I just had the need to watch the movie all over again. So I camped inside the movie theater, feeding on Picadillo Buns and a six pack of Red Bull, for 12 hours, over the weekend, and watched the movie like a glutton until Nat's image burnt brightly in my mind's eye.
  • Back in the late 90's, internet connection was still in its toddler years back in Iloilo City (Philippines). So it was very expensive. But I just had to get my PC hooked up so I can download pictures of Natalie Portman at the comfort of my home. A year later, I almost died when my mom strangled me with a corroded barbed wire when she saw the bills.
  • This is my favorite Nat story (and probably the reason why I made this post). When I joined the Star Wars hype back in '99, I bought two toys of Natalie Portman. Later that night, after I bought the toys, my friends got into a bar brawl. But before I entered the fray, I ran away and secured my bag in a gutter to protect my Padme Naberrie and Queen Amidala action figures from being crushed during the brawl. Plastic ho's before bro's.
I know that my list aren't that extreme. I know that there are Natalie fans out there that probably did more crazier things. I know there's a fan that did a documentary film that chronicles his journey for stalking Natalie. But hey, I'm a sane person.

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Death Mark said...

You did it all for Natalie? Wow... You are amazing...and crazy at the same time bud... LOL! Just kidding...

gillboard said...

wow, adik!!! is that really just a crush? more like obsession!!! :p peace!