My Top 5 Natalie Portman Films

I have large boxes, probably four, stashed in our basement. These boxes are full of CDs, DVDs, and toys that I have collected over the years. These boxes have been down in our basement, neglected, for more than a year already. So, today, I decided that I should open the boxes and bring my things up in my room. That was a bad idea.

I only opened the first box, which is a box full of DVDs, then I got distracted. The culprit: Natalie Portman films. After rummaging through the box and found The Professional (aka Leon), Garden State and V for Vendetta, my thought strayed and it was all over. I just went upstairs with the three DVDs on my hand and started a Natalie Portman-a-thon. It lasted a little over 5 hours. So, in the end, I didn't do anything for today. I should've just read 2666 so that my reading list won't pile up. Well, at least, I'm in love again.

Anyways, since we're on the topic of Natalie Portman films, I also wrote a list of five of my favorite Natalie Portman movies. So, without further ado, here's my list:

5. Closer

This is where Natalie Portman was really recognized for her acting by landing an Oscar Nomination and receiving a Golden Globe Award. Honestly, I don't like this movie as much as a Natalie Portman fan should. The characters were great and the dialogues were fun (especially Natalie's). But the story is just too soap opera for me. The only reason I liked it because Natalie never looked prettier in any of her films than here. Plus, she also played as a stripper.

4. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

I already saw Natalie Portman in other films prior to Star Wars. But it was in the Phantom Menace -the scene where Anakin asked her if she was an angel- where I fell in love with her. While both Episodes I & II aren't that bad (in my book at least), I have to say Revenge of the Sith is my favorite Star Wars (with Natalie Portman), even though she died in the movie and didn't have much screen time.

3. V for Vendetta

Natalie Portman stars in it + It was based on the graphic novel written by Alan Moore, the greatest comic book writer + The story is of dystopian nature = I love it. It should've been on number two if only Alan Moore endorsed the film.

2. Garden State

Garden State is probably my favorite Natalie Portman movie. I like the story of this film, a lot. It's heart-warming and I can totally relate to it. Although, sometimes, watching it makes me feel like a total loser, and feel that I should be doing something important. As for Nat, she's just so scintillating in this film and makes me wish I had a girlfriend like Sam.

1. The Professional (aka Leon)

This is one of my favorite action films, and not because Natalie Portman is in it. In fact, I didn't like Natalie Portman in here because she was just a kid. Although she did perform really well in this movie. But Jean Reno, man, he played a killer role as a killer, making him one of those ultimate action movie bad asses. If you haven't seen this movie and really love action films, you should go see this one now. Because the action scenes here, especially in the end, are epic.

There it is, my top 5 Natalie Portman Films. By the way, my criteria isn't based on how Natalie looked in the films (because she always look spectacular to me). Except for Closer, I like all these movies because they're great movies, with or without Natalie Portman (although it's always better with her in it).

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gillboard said...

I loved V for Vendetta and strangely, I liked Closer.

Not so much the Star Wars films.

The Scud said...

V for Vendetta was surprisingly good. Closer is a fave too. Not because of Natalie but the dialogue rocked.

lucas said...

have you seen "the other boleyn girl"? she was brilliant there :) more striking that scarlet in my opinion.

Skron said...

@Lucas: I like Natalie in the movie but didn't like the movie.