Wishes Are Sometimes Granted

Yesterday was my birthday and tomorrow will be my Dad's. So we usually meet half-way and celebrate it on the 17th. The family have been doing this for 8 years now, since we've migrated here in the U.S. (except last year, I was new at work and couldn't request a time off). We don't do anything that fancy, or invite anybody else. Just the four of us eating at some restaurant. This year we went to Brio Tuscan Grille, an Italian restaurant. It was my first time eating there but the food was good, making my birthday a bit memorable.

But what really made my birthday special were the gifts that I got. Not in a materialistic sense, however (Well, actually, that too. Although not by much), but of how people paid attention to the Amazon Wishlists (see here and here) I made and sent them a month ago. This is the first birthday that all the gifts I had were the ones I really wanted. I guess Wishlists are effective. Now, here are the things that I got:

Nice presents, very nice.
  • Runaways Vol. 1 to 3 - I actually received this, by mail, last Monday. This was given to me by my Aunt Femia from New York. I only listed volume 1 on my wishlist but I guess she figured out that I don't have volumes 2 & 3. So she got them too. What a smart auntie.
  • The Walking Dead Vol. 1 to 3 - I also received this last Monday, together with Runaways. This was given to me by my Aunt Suyen, who also lives with my Aunt Femia in New York. I guess both of them shopped together. Like with Runaways, I only listed the first volume of this title. But since Aunt Suyen is as smart as Aunt Femia, she got me another two volumes of the series.
  • Spore - I actually wished for the Galactic Edition of the game (which costs $30 more). But since it was given to me by my sister, who's in school and is broke, I'll let it pass. It may not have the extra goodies but I got the game, the one that really counts, anyways.
  • Mass Effect - This was given to me by a friend, yesterday. This was not in my wishlist. But he remembered me saying that I didn't get the game because my PC couldn't run it. He still knows I couldn't run it with my current rig. But he got it anyways so when I get a new PC, I don't need to buy it anymore.
  • Kenneth Cole Watch - This was from my parents. They're the only ones who can afford this thing. I actually needed a watch for years now. But I'm too good to get a cheap one, and I'm too cheap to get me a good one. So I just wrote down one on my wish list.
Well, that's it folks. It was a fun birthday...and not too crazy (means I'm getting old). While I didn't get an ultimate gaming rig or an Epiphone Les Paul, I really did get some nice gifts this year. That's why I'll be definitely doing the same thing on my next birthday: Make another birthday wishlist and send it to people I know. Maybe, I'll include a stunning bright-eyed, dark-haired girlfriend on my wish list next time.

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shurikenstuff said...

whoa! very luck lad, hmmm, wishlists really are effective? very great suggestion, since it'll be my day this october, got to collect them now (which means i'm in trouble just thinking the 10% of it)haha, happee bday to you, hope we stay young forever(dont let the cholesterol beat you)

RONeiluke, RN said...

wow... it's your birthay pala... belated happy birthday! and you're so lucky at naregaluhan ka nung mga nasa wishlist mo! coooooooool! makagawa nga din ng wish list! hehehe!

ahh... so you're in the US pala... after graduating, do you still plan to pursue your music career?

good for you, you're done with 'drinking'... :)

thanks for dropping by again, mate :)

Skron said...

@shuriken: my cholesterol's good. Did the whole blood works last month. 30 lbs overweight though.LOL

@ron: thanks...and no. Being in music biz sucks. I didn't like it even we had a bit of a limelight back in Iloilo. Just working is much better.