Comics Bundle 9/10: What's "Oh, $#@!" in Skrull-ese?

I had work yesterday, afternoon shift, yet I was able to pick up all my comics. But that is only because of my friend, who called me at 6 AM and asked me if I can baby sit her kid -my goddaughter- until 1 PM. If not for her, I would've slept like a dead deer until 2 PM. So, with a kid around the house, I was up at 7 in the morning, strolling in the mall at 9 and just stopped by the comics store at 11. The kid was well behaved, I got all my comics (most of which were major first releases) and they're really good. It would've been a perfect day if I didn't hurt myself cutting my toe nails.

Anyways, here's my review. Kinda lazy today because my hallux is inflamed.

Big Hero 6 #1
6.8 of 10
Writer: Chris Claremont
Artists: David Nakayama, Terry Pallot, Emily Warren

I don't read manga. But only because its colorless pages leaves me cross eyed. So when I came across the preview of BH6 a couple months ago, I got really excited because I'll get to read a North American comic with an Asian setting and manga-styled artwork. Unfortunately, after reading the book, I found out that our Asian heroes are gearing up to go to America (WTF?). So much for the Asian setting. Nonetheless, the characters here are all likable. I especially like the geeky Hiro, his mecha Baymax, and the flirtatious Honey Lemon, with her cool magical purse.

Deadpool Vol. 3 #1
8.5 of 10
Writer: Daniel Way
Artists: Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, Marte Garcia

I was flabbergasted when I heard that Deadpool is coming back. Even more so when I learned that the first issue is going to be a Secret Invasion tie-in. I couldn't help but wonder what would Deadpool, a lunatic fighter, do amidst the Skrull Invasion. Well, this issue didn't fail to show us that. There's Wade blowing up spaceship and kicking Skrulls' ass while hallucinating, wearing a cumbersome mascot costume, and singing. Lots of action, lots of nonsense, lots of craziness going on in this issue. Yep, Deadpool is back, alright.

Secret Invasion #6
8.8 of 10
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Leinil Yu, Mark Morales, Laura Martin

There's no real big progress between the last issue and this. However, #6 is like a part of the mountain just before the peak. You know, the part when you're exhausted from climbing but the notion of being "almost there" keeps you going? That's exactly how I felt after reading this issue. Especially when all the heroes (and villains) converged in New York to confront the invading Skrulls. Everybody is here, Thor, Captain America, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Thunderbolts, Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors, The Hood's Crime Syndicate, The Initiative and the Young Avengers. Seeing all of them in the last double-page just sent blood to my ears and almost brought tears to my eyes.

The Stand: Captain Trips #1
9.4 of 10
Writer: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Artists: Michael Perkins, Laura Martin

I haven't read The Stand, a Stephen King post-apocalyptic novel. But maybe that's a good thing because now I can enjoy Marvel's comic adaptation without being spoilt by the novel. The first issue, like all first issues, starts slow. But it's not dragging. Aguirre-Sacasa just took his time to put everything in detail; the presentation of characters and building up a strong foundation for the story. Perkin's art is also terrific, as it captures a sense of reality. If you haven't read the book, and you want to but have no time, pick up the comics. I'll bet you'll love it even if you don't read comics.

X-Men: Magneto Testament #1
10 of 10
Writer: Grek Pak
Artists: Carmine Di Giandomenico , Matt Hollingsworth

Magneto Testament is a big surprise for me. I merely plucked this title from the shelf so I could close a $20 total on all my items, not knowing I was in for a real treat. It just blew my expectations into bits after reading it. I thought it would be about a young Magneto driving nails into the heads of Nazis. But it's not. It's a historically accurate story about a young, smart, talented and athletic Jewish boy living in Third Reich Germany. This is not a regular X-Men comics anymore, people, as it runs on the same vein as The Pianist, The Diary of Anne Frank, and Maus (another important graphic novel about the holocaust).

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