Comics Bundle 8/20 - 9/4: Eat Skrull for Lunch!

Today's a depressing day. The rain won't let up. It's been raining since 11 this morning, and it's still going on as of this writing (12 hours of slow, continual rain). I didn't really wanted to leave the house but it's my only free time to pick up my comics. If I don't pick them up, another three weeks will pile up on me. So I really have to. Besides, I need something to post on this blog. Like another attempt on a comics review.

So, without further delays, my comics review of weeks 8/20 - 9/4

Avengers: The Initiative #16
8.4 of 10
Writer: Dan Slott
Artists: Stefano Caselli, Danielle Rudoni, Joe Caramagna

It's always a blast reading The Initiative. I like how the writers use 3rd rate, but also funky and interesting, heroes of the Marvel Universe. This issue is no different as 3D man, who's still the focus point of the story, got rescued by Ryder and Riot (aka The Skrull Kill Krew) from being pounded by a Skrull She-Thing. With a brief introduction and run-down on each other's abilities, 3D man became a part of this kick-ass crew and, together, they plan to purge all the Skrulls from The Initiative, one state at a time. Now, here's me wishing for a Skrull Kill Krew mini-series after the Secret Invasion event.

Fables #75
9.2 of 10
Writer: Bill Willingham
Artists: Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha

In comics, they always say they're going to kill somebody and everything will never be the same. But we know that nobody stays dead in comics. So, a year after, that somebody will live again and then everything will be set back to normal. That's why when they said they're going to kill someone in Fables, and that everything will be never be the same again, I never believed the hype. Of course, since I love the title, I bought the book anyways. Boy, was I wrong. They really killed someone in this issue, and with him dies an era. I couldn't even begin to imagine what's going to happen next in the world of Fables.

New Avengers #44
6.5 of 10
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Billy Tan

I love New Avengers and Mighty Avengers. I love both of them mostly because of the characters, members of each team, are so much fun. Although, as of late, the Secret Invasion event disturbed both NA and MA, and haven't featured much of my favorite heroes. Instead, they started giving us flashbacks of how the Skrulls plotted behind our heroes. While I did enjoy the tie-ins because they showcased a copious significance to the event. The last issues, however, will leave you scratching your heads. But, at least, unlike, Mighty Avengers, New Avengers #44 was bit more connected to the event. Only that it wasn't that essential.

Uncanny X-Men #501
7.5 of 10
Writers: Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker
Artists: Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Justin Ponsor

As a minority, who've watched a lot of documentaries about race supremacists and ethnic cleansing, the X-Men always had a connection with me at a personal level. Lately, however, and to my dismay, instead of fighting racial injustice, my favorite mutant super-heroes have been running around different dimensions, alternate realities, or off into space fighting some aliens or otherworldly beings. But after reading issue #501, all I can say was "That's more like it". Our heroes this time are finally back on the ground fighting back against an anti-mutant group, known as the Hellfire Cult. Unfortunately, this issue is not quite there yet. But at least they're back on track.

X-Men: Manifest Destiny #1
6.0 of 10
Writers: Mike Carey, C.B. Cebulski, Skottie Young
Artist: Michael Ryan

With all the X-Books having a little "Manifest Destiny" icon on their covers, X-Men: Manifest Destiny must be THE major event book, right? Wrong! The book contains three different stories of three X-Men, Iceman, Boom Boom and Karma, adjusting to their new lives in San Francisco. While all of the stories are quite fun to read, I just don't think paying $3.99 for a book like this, which feels like a filler, is worth it. Heck, I don't think it's even worth $2.99.

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