Top Cow's Pilot Season 2008

When I came to pick up my comics last Thursday, the owner of the store suggested that I should check out Genius, a one-shot issue from Top Cow. Because the store owner knows what I like, I got the comics. However, I didn't had the chance to read it until last Sunday night. The book was actually made of good stuff, and I was blown away after reading it. Then, I found out that it was actually a part of Top Cow's Pilot Season 2008. Basically, the Pilot Season is an:

"...annual initiative to introduce new books and have readers vote for their favorite. The top two vote-getters will get their own series the following year."
So if I voted for Genius and it wins, the series will continue next year. If it doesn't win, it'll die. It's like the American Idol for comics. So, just to be fair, and I wanted to make sure I didn't miss out on any good comics before I cast my vote for Genius, I got the other 5 titles who are a part of the Pilot Season. 2 out of 6 of these titles will move on to continue next year. After reading them all, here's my top 2 choices:

Its title lives up to its content because this book is a bloody genius. Set in urban Los Angeles, it tells the story of Destiny, a 17 year old African American girl with the mind of a military genius. She unites all the gangs in her neighborhood, trains them, and uses her smarts to wage a war against the LAPD.


Twilight Guardian
I love Mark Millar's Kick-Ass. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of "realistic" superhero comics on the market right now. That's why I'm so glad that Twilight Guardian is another realistic super-hero comics. But unlike Kick-Ass, which shows us the grim reality of being a super hero, this series is much more calm and reserved, detailing the life of a model citizen patrolling her neighborhood.


As of Sept. 2, Twlight Guardian ranks on 2nd and Genius on 3rd. Urban Myths, which isn't a bad comics at all, is on the top spot. If you guys really love me. You'll help me vote Genius. Because it's just sucks to let this comics go to waste. So vote here, everyday, until the poll closes.

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Troy Hickman said...

Thanks for mentioning Twilight Guardian! I appreciate it, and hopefully we'll see a series out of the deal.

I should mention, btw, that the voting closed on Sept. 8.

Skron said...

Yes, I know, unfortunately. This post was scheduled, and written on a Monday, just before the poll closed. It would've been great if some of my readers had voted. I only even voted twice (once for Genius and Once for Twilight Guardian). So hopefully, both of them will make it.