Top Cow's Top Two

A couple weeks ago, I've posted something about Top Cow's Pilot Season (see here). It's a contest that works like the American Idol except you're voting for comics and not singers. Each year, six one-shot comics are presented, you vote for your favorites, and two of the comics that gets the highest votes win. The winners will then continue their stories, as mainstay series, starting next year. This year, I've voted for Genius and Twilight Guardian. They're excellent comics, and I really wanted to follow their stories. Well, fortunately for me, both titles WON!

My New Heroines.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who thought that the comics were great. So, congratulations to Troy Hickman and Reza (Twilight Guardian), and Adam Freeman and Afua Richardson (Genius). You deserve this, guys. Congratulations, and thank you, to all who voted for the titles as well. Now we have two more reasons to be excited every Wednesday...and being single.

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Troy Hickman said...

Thanks! We'll do our best to make Wednesdays worthwhile (now that Greatest American Dog is gone...).

Skron said...

I have faith in you, man. I have faith.