Between War and War

The Forever War and Dawn of War II.

I've got exactly 8 days between a war and another war. Dawn of War II is finally coming out next week. Although, before I get behind the keyboard and lay out my stratagems to defeat the aliens and the heretics, I need to finish reading The Forever War first.

I'm not sure about the details within this book, yet, except that it's about the war on Iraq. A lot of people liked this book a lot and, since I haven't read anything on the recent war on Iraq, I decided to ask my aunt for it (as her Christmas present). It's been waiting for me on the top of my drawer since December. It wasn't neglected or anything. I was just busy reading two 900-page books, Anathem and 2666, which I will never read again unless I have a week vacation. But, now, it's this book's turn to be consumed.

But I only have more than a week to finish it, and then it's Dawn of War II. Though this book is only 400 pages long. So, compared to Anathem and 2666, it doesn't seem that much.

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