Pages of Summer

Time's so fast. I remember myself being bundled inside a huge winter jacket -which feels almost like a sleeping bag- just a few weeks ago. But when I got out today I was baked, on my black Fender t-shirt, underneath a blazing sun. Honestly, except seeing sweat-drenched girls on short shorts and tight tank tops, I don't really care about summer. It's hot and I've live 2/3rds of my life on a place where it's always hot (and no, it's not hell). I like autumn much better. It's cold but not that cold. It doesn't rain all the time too. Plus, you don't have to use heating or cooling.

But, before I stray off the topic, I have a remedy to stay off under the hot sun this summer: Reading. I just received all the books I've ordered from Amazon (using the certificate I got as an award from work) for my summer reading. Just in time too because I'm about to be done with The Book of Dead Philosophers. Anyways, here are the books that I got:

It's the first book with a dystopian setting I've heard of this year. Plus, it's being compared to the works of great dystopian fiction writers like Aldous Huxley, Margaret Atwood and Philip K. Dick.

When Skateboards Will Be Free

The book's title prompted me to check it out. Because, at first, I thought it was about the skater culture. But it's even better than that when I read its synopsis. It's a memoir of a kid who's into politics and revolution.

Lowboy: A Novel
This book is about a mentally-ill 16 year old boy who's off his meds, thinks that the world will end and he's the only one who can save it. That, and also the author being compared to writers like Junot Diaz and J.D. Salinger, made me by the book.

I'll probably be able to start with these books earlier than I had hoped. I think I'll start with Genesis and end it with When Skateboards Will Be Free, or vice versa.

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