Defense Grid Giveaway

Meet the awesome power of my tower, alien scums!

Tower defense is definitely one of the most easiest and most addicting type of game. I've seen many gamers, both casual and hardcore, have fallen ill to the "one more stage syndrome" by playing these type of games. Most tower defense games are free and can be played anywhere online. However, since they're free, the production value of these games are quite low. Meaning, their graphics are not that great and there's not much strategical depth in the gameplay.

There are premier tower defense games that you can buy such as Defense Grid. I've always wanted to play this game ever since I've read IGN's review of it. But the price of the game was too steep for me. So I didn't buy it. I mean why should I pay for a tower defense game with few improvements when I can play a lesser version for free?

That's why I'm so glad that Steam slashed 75% off the original price, lowering it down to $5. That's a deal that I can hardly resist. It's just so cheap. It's so cheap in fact that I'm giving one digital copy for free. That's right, one lucky reader of this blog will get a digtal copy of Defense Grid for FREE.

Joining the contest is quite simple. All you have to do is answer the questions below and e-mail it to skron@ymail.com before May 12.
1. Who is Miyamoto Musashi?
2. What is my favorite album that was released during the 90's?
3. What is my favorite PC game of all time?
4. Back in 2006, I wrote an album review for Black Holes and Revelations, by Muse. How much score did I give it?
5. Who's the "Merc with the Mouth"?
All the questions are fairly easy and most of the answers can be found in this blog. You don't have to get all the answers right. But each answer equates to one entry in the raffle (example: 2 correct answers means 2 raffle entries). So the more correct answers you have the more chances you'll win. Plus, all participants who sumbit their answers by May 9th gets their raffle entry doubled.

Well, that's that. I will announce the winner on May 13th. So be on the lookout and good luck.

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