Comics-to-Animation Wishlist

A couple months ago, I wrote down a list of comic books that I wished to be adapted into films. However, because not all comic books will work on the silver screen, a lot of my favorite titles were left out on that list. So, as a follow up, and since most comic books are suitable to be adapted into animation, I've decided to list down all the titles that I want to see as cartoons. There isn't much difference between the two formats. So, basically, comics will work well as cartoons. That is, of course, if the producers won't mess it up. But, anyways, my wishlist:

5. Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane

This book is probably my guiltiest pleasures of all time. I bought an issue of this for my goddaughter when she came along to pick up my comics. I didn't know anything about it except it looked appropriate enough for a girl of 8. Surprisingly, after I read it myself, I enjoyed it. The story mainly focuses on the love life of Mary Jane Watson. Spider-Man is only a supporting character in here. The reason why I loved it is because it married teen drama and the superhero genre together. So, I think, this will be a great cartoon series that will appeal towards kids on their early teens (or even adults).

4. Deadpool

X-Men Origins: Wolverine murdered Deadpool as a character, and now he's beyond Hollywood redemption. So the only option left for the "Merc with the Mouth" is to have his own animiation series. Not the kind of cartoons that they'll show on Saturday mornings though. But the one that will run on either late night HBO or Adult Swim, right along with cartoons like Metalocalypse and Beavis and Butthead. Yes, with his guns, violence and slapstick humor, a cartoon show is just perfect for Deadpool. It'll be like Aeon Flux meets the Looney Tunes.

3. Top 10

This title was written by Alan Moore, also the writer of Watchmen and V for Vendetta. That alone speaks volumes. But this comic book is a very unique superhero title. In my opinion, it's probably the most unique comics created by Moore. The main focus in the story is the squad of super-powered cops in a world where everyone have powers and wears colorful costumes, from hot dog vendors to politicians. So, basically, superheroes are a mundane thing in Top 10's setting. It's a pretty fun comic book. While it'll be too campy to be on film, I think, it'll be great to watch as an animation series.

2. Bone

I haven't heard a lot of people talking about this comics. Which is a shame because this is a great book. Time Magazine even compared it to the Lord of the Rings but only funnier. That's a big compliment, and I agree with them. It's an epic fantasy that revolves around three cousins, that looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost, and their journey to a different land (a land of Humans). If Dreamworks or Pixar makes a full feature animation of this book I'm sure it'll be a big hit.

1. Maus

The characters of this comic book are mice. But I assure you, if its adapted into an animation, it won't be the same as other "talking mouse" cartoons like Tales of Despereaux or other Walt Disney films. Maus is written by Art Spiegelman and it tells the tale of his father, a Polish Jew, during his interment in Auschwitz conecentration camp back in World War II. It's pretty similar to other holocaust stories, like The Pianist or Diary of Anne Frank, except that all the characters here as anthromorphic animals. I actually thought this won't work if its adapted into other formats. But after seeing the success of serious full feature cartoons that also deals with war and revolution, like Waltz With Bashir and Persepolis, I think Maus will do great as well.

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Of Mice and Ghosts


Big Hamster said...

Bone! Definitely one of my faves in my wish list also!!! And if I had my way about it, I'd go bonkers if the rumour that there's a Sandman TV series are true Also, there is actually a plan that Deadpool will actually have a spin off of his own, but I don't how they're going to connect it to the Wolverine movie.

Also to come out: Fables by Bill Willingham and He-Man, Masters of the Universe.

Skron said...

Yeah, I don't know how they're going to make a Deadpool movie. Because Deadpool before Weapon X is just boring. I know about Fables. But it's coming out on TV. I'd rather have them make a movie out of it.

gillboard said...

I would like to see Bone on screen. But don't they have a game in the works for this title?

Skron said...

The games have been out for awhile already. That's how I heard of the book actually.