Animation Pile Up

Last week, I had time to spare and watched three comics-to-animation flicks that I rented from Netflix. I tried to write a review for all three of them but, due to time constraints, I never got the chance to get past the rough draft. So, instead of writing individual reviews for all animations, I decided to write three quick reviews in just one post.

Wonder Woman
8.5 of 10
This full length animation features Princess Diana's origins. I'm not pretty sure if it's "by the book" but I'm certain all the basics are here. How she came to life, and how the Amazons came out from isolation and re-established their communication with the rest of the world. It's a pretty fun story and -true to the nature of Wonder Woman during her first inception- there are some sexual undertones that'll keep you chuckling. The animation is also superb and sexy. I actually fell in love with Wonder Woman and some of the Amazons in here.

8.8 of 10
I always wanted to buy the graphic novel of Persepolis. But, for some reason, I forgot about it and found out that it was adapted into an animation. So I just rented the movie instead. The story of the film is based on the early life of Marjane Satrapi (also the writer of the graphic novel) when she was growing up in Iran, after the Iranian Revolution. Even though with its political underpinnings, the animation was a lot of fun due to the rebellious nature of Marji. If you're looking for a serious animation, I highly recommend Persepolis.

Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter
7.9 of 10
Tales of the Black Freighter was a sub story in the graphic novel version of Watchmen. It tells the tale of a shipwrecked captain trying to sail back to his village -on a makeshift raft that uses bloated bodies of his dead men- and save it from the Black Freighter. While director Zack Snyder included this animated adaptation in his original script, it was cut from the movie and released as direct-to-video instead. Like Watchmen, Tales of the Black Freighter was also faithfully lifted from the pages of the graphic novel. All the morbid details from the book comes to life in here. But, as wonderful as it is, just skip this one. The film's a lackluster for being too short.

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gillboard said...

haven't seen any of those shows... will need to have time to download them... i'm missing alot already...

Anonymous said...

Wonder Woman was pretty good - they stayed true to the amazon origin story while giving Wonder Woman a little more edge and personality than the comic writers have dared to. One of her biggest draw backs is that she has always been portrayed a little to goody-goody.