Demo Monday: Zeno Clash

When Zeno Clash was announced on Steam, almost two months ago, I was immediately blown away by the originality of its artistic design. The setting is just so punk, so psychedelic. It's like Conan the Barbarian meets Mad Max but only high on ganja. I was intrigued and wanted to pre-order the game. But since it's an action game, and I'm not very good with action games, I decided to hold off and wait for the demo.

When Steam made the demo available for download, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try it. The demo features the prologue part of the game, which includes a tutorial and a boss fight. In terms of gameplay, Zeno Clash is really fun. It's like first-person beat 'em up. Kinda like Street Fighter except the view is in first person. You're pitted with multiple enemies (3 the most) in melee combat and you can do a lot of combination moves. Weapons are also available but they're not as effective, or as satisfying, as kicking your opponents while they're on the ground.

For $20, Zeno Clash is worth it. It's fun and the setting is original as well as visually pleasing. I, however, will skip this game. Not because I don't like it but because I can't get through the first boss. But if you like beat 'em up or action games, I think you'll enjoy this game.

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