Top 8 Games of 2008

Games have always been my favorite "top of the year" list. Although, this was a bit of a lackluster for the PC. Yeah, we got great games. But they're mostly multi-platformed. Where are our PC exclusive games? Where are the real-time strategy games? Not a lot of those were released this year. It's a good thing I got a Nintendo DS to save the year.

So, anyways, let me present you my top 8 games of 2008:

1. The World Ends With You 9.0 [First Impressions]
As an ardent PC gamer, I never thought that I'd award a DS game as my game of the year. But this game has won my heart with its graffiti-styled graphics, urban setting, cool story and innovative features that made it so unique. Truly the best game for me this year.

2. Sins of a Solar Empire 9.0
At first, I was a skeptical about this game. Especially when I saw the fighting words "Real-Time Strategy. Unrivaled Scale" plastered on its box. But they weren't lying about it. Stardock took the elements of 4x strategy, combined it with the speed of RTS games, and gave us a complex strategy game. Its learning curve is so high it took me a day to figure out everything.

3. Fallout 3 8.9 [Review]
I always thought that Fallout 3 will knock Fallout 2 off of my "#1 game of all times" pedestal. But I was wrong. I didn't expect the fall of Black Isle Studios, and that Bethesda will continue the franchise. But, nonetheless, even though Bethesda didn't make Fallout 3 the way I wanted it to be they still delivered one heck of a post-apocalyptic game.

4. Mass Effect 8.8 [Review]
I was going to boycott BioWare prodcuts this year because of the lack of Dragon Age updates. But it's a good thing I didn't because I would've missed the adrenaline-pumped combat of this great sci-fi game. While this game doesn't scale up to other BioWare titles, like Knights of the Old Republic and Baldur's Gate, it has done remarkably well as their [BioWare] first intellectual property.

5. Disgaea DS 8.8
I only got this game because a friend of mine is a big fan of the franchise. But he was right to love this game. Everything in here is just great. Beautiful voice acting, neat graphics (even for the DS), sterling storyline and a gameplay that offers a lot of possibilities.

6. Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir 8.6
When Storm of Zehir was announced a couple months ago, I was so ecstatic when I learned that you can create a party of four instead of just one character. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. The game also have a map exploration, a cool trade simulation mini game, and the skills are finally at play in here. If only the storyline was as good as Mask of the Betrayer's this game would've been perfect.

7. Advance Wars: Days of Ruins 8.5 [Review]
Days of Ruins is one of the best turn-based strategy games I've played. The combination of a great AI and well-designed, well-balanced units makes up the amazing gameplay. Once you got this game started, you'll have a hard time putting it down.

8. King's Bounty: Legend 8.4 [First Impressions]
I've only played this game for a couple of days but, man, I'm already hooked. For the most part, the game has all the fun of Heroes and Might and Magic. The exploration, the loot finding, and the turn-based combat. But it doesn't have the annoying features, like capturing or defending a base. All you do here is adventure, do some quests, find loots and raise an army.

So these were the games that made 2008 a great year for me. I know it's not much but it's still much better comapred to 2003. How about you? What were your favorite games in 2008?

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gillboard said...

wow, i think i need to start buying new games for my pc. I think more than half of the games in your list, I haven't even heard of.