The Presidential Reading Lists

Last Tuesday was probably one of the busiest day at work. Why? Well, a lot of people called in sick so they could stay home and watch the Obama Inauguration, and those who were at work didn't do their jobs too well since they were busy following the inaugural on TV or on the net. I'm guilty for doing the same thing as well because I've been reading blog posts of all things about the historical inauguration.

Although I wasn't really following the details of the inauguration per se. I was merely following posts that really matters to me, about books and gaming, that celebrates Obama's inauguration. From Kotaku, rejoicing that there's a Wii in the White House, and recommending him the games that he should play, to IGN PC, also listing down the top 10 games that he should play. But my favorite post was Omnivoracious' Obama's Reading List, who then followed it with Bush's Reading List.

Great reading lists from both of them. However, I must admit, while I found Obama's list to be wholesome and shows how good a father he is (with Harry Potter and A Kind and Just Parent), I like Bush's list much better, because he reads a lot of history and supports her daughter's book (Ana's Story). Although, I didn't even know that Bush reads at all.

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lucas said...

bush reads?!! waaa! what a surprise! hehehe!