Spider-Man Saves Obama!

The 2008 US Presidential election maybe a thing of the past and of history but the Obama fever hasn't died down yet. With his inauguration in just less than 10 days from now, there's an out pour of Obama-related news on every media. But what I found very interesting is that several of those news are about art regarding the President-Elect. From the Smithsonian acquiring a stencil and wheatpaste piece (by Sheperd Fairey), an artist from Georgia College getting recognition for his work, and to the pages and cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #583.

obama meets spidey

Yes, the President-Elect (who is a big Spidey fan) will appear on the pages and variant edition cover of the friendliest comic-book title in the neighborhood, Spider-Man. As the preview suggests, the issue will probably satirize all the smears that the other party gave Obama during the election campaign. As for the story, however, I don't know what's going to happen in this issue. But I don't think I'm the only one who wants to know. I guess I'd better get in my comic-book store as early as I can. Else I'd be trampled both by comic book fans and ardent supporters of our President-Elect.

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Kevin said...

LOLOLOL. Spider would better save Obama if ever another economic crisis commences. :D

gillboard said...

as much as i'd like to buy that issue of ASM, la sa budget ko yung title. I'm sticking to my 8 monthlies.