First Impressions: Mirror's Edge

Today, I installed and dabbled with Mirror's Edge. After putting three hours into the game, all I can say about it is: HOLY HEAVEN and HELL! What a great game to open the year. Although, I admit, I was irked when I learned that the PC version of this game was going to be delayed for a month. But, now, I'm kinda glad that it came out later than the console versions.

Faith, my newest game heroine.

The game is truly exhilarating. It combines the elements of chase and platforming games, much like Prince of Persia and Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, where you need to be quick on both wit and feet. A lot of the scenarios in the game, mostly avoiding cops by running and jumping from building to building, had put my adrenaline turbines into overdrive. I swear my palms, keyboards and mouse were all sweaty after I exited the game.

Now, let my catch my breath so I can get back to this game.

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gillboard said...

My xbox360 is still broken, but yesterday i still bought a copy of this game...

hehe.. still hoping!!!