Last Year's Leftovers

I like to call January as a zero month because nothing good ever comes out. Whether in music, movies, books and games, the releases are just bad. But that's okay because I have no money left anyways. So, instead, I'll just spend the whole month catching and finishing up with the leftovers -books, music and games- from last year, and resuscitate my financial assets by not buying new stuff.

This year, I've quite a handful of leftovers.

I still got three books to read. I've yet to read 2666: A Novel and The Forever War (the non-fiction, not the sci-fi novel), both late Christmas presents from my aunts in New York. The books are still sitting on top of my drawer, untouched. That's because I'm currently reading Anathem (or at least I'm trying to read it). Anathem is a very large and thick book, 900 pages and could kill a man if you slap him with it, by Neal Stephenson. So far, I've only read five chapters of it but I can tell that this is a great sci-fi novel, and probably the greatest this decade. Its writing and the story is just so impressive. If not for its heaviness, or intimidating thickness, I would've finished it by now.

I've got two games to finish as well. I'm trying to play Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia but I just suck at platform action games (I hate falling). I'm certain that I'm going to give up on this game soon. I need to try cooking with my Personal Trainer: Cooking as well. I actually got all the ingredients for a Lemon Chicken. I just need to find the time to cook. Besides from these two, I also need to play Fallout 3, Storm of Zehir and The World Ends With You again, inch by inch, and write a couple guides for these games. Particulary a character guide for Fallout 3 and Storm of Zehir.

"Things Don't Look Good" by Genghis Tron

As for the music, I just finished listening to two kick-ass metal albums: The Ruiner by Made out of Babies and Board Up The House by Genghis Tron. 2008 gave me two rock bands with female vocals, one's Paramore and the other's Made Out of Babies. Paramore is...okay, I don't hate them. But, to me, as a big fan of post-metal, they just can't hold a candle to Made Out of Babies. Although the most brutally heavy album I've heard from last year is probably by Genghis Tron. Board Up The House will relentlessly beat your head with a hammer.

Well those are my leftovers. Hopefully, they'll keep me occupied while I wait for the next best thing and let my wallet grow fat. Now I'd better get back to them. More reading and playing, less writing.

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