Directions to Naboo

Where's Naboo?

I like the Star Wars franchise but I'm not really a hardcore fan. I'm not hardcore because I actually liked the prequel films (and not only because of Natalie Portman), I don't own a Jedi or a Storm Trooper costume, and I know nothing of its expanded universe beyond the Knights of the Old Republic game.

But, man, after looking at this newly released hi-res map of that Galaxy Far Far Away, I couldn't help but appreciate the expanded universe of Star Wars. What only started out as three space opera films, set on an unknown galaxy with a couple named planets, has now grown into this living monolith that is worshiped (or vilified) by many.

Oh, how I wish BioWare will make all these planets available as playable locations in their new MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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Nat Fan


lucas said...

wow...i didn't know it's this elaborate...same with the lord of the rings. it turned out, the trilogy was just a speck of tolkien's middle-earth.